Hit Zombies Have Taken Over The Internet!


You can tell a "Hit Zombie" by the way they sit for hours, in front of their computer screen, staring blankly, mouses clicking rapidly, with a source of caffeine close at hand, oblivious to the world around them,  muttering to themselves "Credits, I must have more credits"...

I think we all know some "Hit Zombies", maybe we're even one of them...

Do you hunger for real traffic to your sites?
Internet Traffic that gives Real results?
Look no further, because Hit Zombie is here!

We’re not here to scare you,
We’re here to serve you 24 hours a day.

Hit Zombie is a Manual Traffic Exchange
You get real visitors to your sites 24 hours a day, all year round.
Real people who are looking for opportunities just like yours.
Get sign-ups, sales and even earn cash
through commissions, contests and more!

You No Longer Have to be One of "The Walking Dead",
Hit Zombie is Free to Join! 

Our features:
Daily active surfer’s rewards
Website rotator
Dynamic Surfing Ratio
Referral Commissions
Personalized splash pages for your Branding needs
Peel Ads and Login Spotlight Ads
Downline Builder
Daily surfing activities
Contests, games and so much more!!!

  Want to advertise and have no time to surf?
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Your body parts can drop off,
But the traffic that we’ll give to your sites won't.

We Specialize in Bringing Your Dead Traffic Back to Life.
  Don’t Get Left Behind!

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